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Atlanta Jazz Notes

My name is Matt Miller and I am saxophonist, teacher, and freelance journalist based in Atlanta since 2015. The idea for Atlanta Jazz Notes began forming when I arrived in Atlanta and realized that the amazing jazz scene here was not reflected in any publication in the city. Despite occasional listings and profiles in local news outlets, there were no reliable, up-to-date resources for learning about jazz artists and events in the city. This information could be obtained by scouring websites, listening to great radio stations like WCLK and WABE at certain times, and learning about events through social media, but it was not collected in any one resource.

With this in mind, I decided to make a site that would attempt to share this information.

It needs to be stated here that this site is not intended to be an authoritative resource that covers every aspect of Atlanta jazz. That would be beyond my abilities as one person and resources. Instead, Atlanta Jazz Notes is my humble, non-commercial attempt to help spread the word about the incredible Atlanta jazz scene, to provide a venue to chronicle my investigation of Atlanta's rich jazz history, and provide listings of local jazz events in a curated fashion. 

Please feel free to use the contact link to send me information that you think would help with the development of this site. This site will certainly depend on the input of many people and I am open to any and all suggestions, questions, and constructive criticisms. Thank you!

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