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Joe's Jazz Joint Spreads the Message of Atlanta's Rich Jazz History

Musician and educator Joe Jennings has spent his career -- as a musician and the former director of the Spelman Jazz Ensemble -- spreading the message of jazz music and the important place of Atlanta in the story of jazz. His latest project, Joe's Jazz Joint, is a forum for concerts and, lately, an interview series in which Jennings sits down with important figures from the jazz community in Atlanta and beyond.

The mission of Joe's Jazz Joint, as stated on its website, is: produce interviews

with “Jazz” musicians and videos of performances directly

related to the history of “Jazz” in Atlanta Ga. Its goals include

increasing the knowledge about the musicians, venues,

clubs, schools, writers, promoters and other entities involved

in the evolution of Jazz music in Black Atlanta.

It is important that we document conversations with the

few elders that are still with us, who can provide their

experiences and influences as they learned and grew.

This rich and colorful information will provide us with much

knowledge about Jazz history in Atlanta.

The purpose is to expose our viewers to the history and

performance practices of this advanced form of music that

evolved from the African American experience.

Through interviews and performances we will enlighten our audiences

about the music, sometimes focusing on different areas and

related genres of music. As a result we will increase

knowledge about the value of this important American Art


Be sure to subscribe to Joe's Jazz Joint on YouTube and consider becoming a patron on the Joe's Jazz Joint website.


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